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Bijgewerkt op: 7 dec. 2020

Composer Terry Snow has surprised me writing a piece, Meditation In memoriam Leo de Klerk. I play it for you here to convey my gratitude for the many expressions of support and compassion  in my mourning.

Terry Snow was born in Auckland, New Zealand, (1944) and studied music at Auckland University and composition briefly with New Zealand composer, orchestrator and conductor Penny Dodd.

He has an ATCL music teacher’s diploma from Trinity College, London. In 1971 in London, he won the Ealing Festival composer / performer prize, playing a toccata for piano.

Snow worked in the Netherlands as an English-language editor in the classical music division of Phonogram. He was also one of the foundation music critics of the London music paper Classical Music Weekly, first published in 1976.

In June 2005, Snow’s piece Theme and Variations for Strings was given its first performance by L’Estro Armonico Strings in Christchurch, New Zealand. Snow lives in Amsterdam and is married to schoolteacher Susan van Putten.

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