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Colorful and Enchanting Piano Recital

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27.08.2018 | PZC-De Stem | Jeanette Vergouwen

"An atmosphere of wistfulness characterized Marietta Petkova’s piano recital in Veere."

and knows how to convey her musical emotion. She casts a spell on her audience. She opened with the 12 Préludes from Book 1 (1909 - 1910) by Claude Debussy. Petkova played the preludes like a French Romantic painter, with a light toucher and transparent, clear colors. It is especially this nuancing that is so bewitching. The Dancers of Delphi was presented as a solid sculpture. In the second prelude Petkova’s dexterous handling of technically difficult runs and trills, suggested the relaxed evening on the coast, as Veere was that night, portraying the mystery of the wind. And Footsteps in the Snow was so contained that you could feel the cold. Petkova is a uniquely poetic pianist,


Marietta Petkova played the preludes like a French Romantic painter


but if a prelude such as #7 requires dynamism, dynamism it gets. Each prelude has a different character; after a fiery serenade in which the piano imitates a guitar, rhythmic and hot-blooded, Petkova presented the legend of the Breton town of Ijs. Though the town is flooded, the Cathedral’s foundations are still visible. The fog, the church bells and choir’s melody summoned an enchanting mood. This was then interrupted by the sharp, saucy Puck with its paraphrased American music-hall music. After intermission, Petkova played Four Ballads by Chopin. These pieces were written by Chopin over a period of 12 years, and are rich in melody and harmony. They were interpreted in a very personal way, technically impressive and very poetic. In these pieces too, passion, emotion, pain, and melancholy are expressed. The quite moments, the turbulent passages and the modulations were expressed beautifully. After the sweet Third ballad, the Fourth was very moving and passionate. The sultry atmosphere changed through an accelerated tempo, then became dreamlike, and ended with warmth and enthusiasm.

Music podium Zeeland, Veere

Works by Debussy and Chopin

Marietta Petkova, piano

Sunday August 28, 2018

190 weergaven


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