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3 x Chaconne

Leo de Klerk (1958-2020) 

Chaconne voor piano                5:07


Marietta Petkova, piano                                                                                 


Recorded live in concert, Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden, December 29, 2012 


CD -single


Remastering - Rien Rolfes

Liner Notes -  Aart van der Wal

Artwork - Violina Jeliazkova

Production - TAPES.NL


©   2021 The Art of Marietta Petkova

3 x Chaconne

€ 37,50 Normale prijs
€ 30,00Verkoopprijs
  • With the CD single Chaconne, pianist Marietta Petkova honours the man who stood by her side for the past decade; not only in their private lives, but also as the brilliant Tonmeister behind the beautiful live recordings that the pianist has made over the past decade.  Moreover, Chaconne pays homage and brings light to Leo de Klerk, the composer. His oeuvre as composer is an underexposed quality of the artist who died last year. Trained as a pianist and composer, De Klerk found his passion in sound recording and reproduction. He always continued to compose for ensembles and theater performances.


    When the two musicians first met in 2006, De Klerk wrote a Chaconne that is as quiet as a subtle dance, in which the worlds of Bach, Chopin, Satie and Rachmaninov merge seamlessly. The work is a profound reference to music history, but also a piece that brings out the power and brilliance of pianist at all levels. In 2012 Marietta Petkova played the Chaconne on a concert tour. This single is the recording that De Klerk made of the performance in the Stadsgehoorzaal in Leiden. It a multi-faceted act of appreciation and respect. That is why this recording demanded to be released now as a single.


    This gem of a recording is thus not only a powerful exclamation point behind a special relationship and a series of internationally acclaimed CDs, but also serves forever as an unguarded gateway to love, joy and wonder when it resounds in the living room.

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