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'Marietta Petkova - Préludes'

13.01.2017 | OPUS KLASSIEK | Aart van de Wal


"Marietta Petkova played a marvellous Bach in Lausanne on 20 May of last year, an extremely colourful Skrjabin and a no less facet-rich Chopin. Just like Richter, she also supports the idea that what should be played, but just like him, plays out its highest strengths in colours and shadows, in the fine-grained range of dynamics and tempo changes in addition to accentuating the left and right hands. It is top-class agogics that she gives in these interpretations (also in Skrjabin!).

Petkova also realizes that this music can not exist without expressive expansion but also without intimate prosaic explorations and that carefully applied contrasts are decisive for the entire discourse. That keeps the attention of the public also caught.

The final applause seems to be much more than a grateful gesture. It also says something about her communicative skills as a musician. It also fits with Petkova's self-confidence to have the entire recital recorded live. Her website also explicitly states: 'When it comes to CD recordings, Marietta Petkova dissociates herself from the ubiquitous' cutting and pasting 'in studios'. Wow! That should be done by many more musicians! Leo de Klerk from Bloomline Acoustics provided a sparkling shot."

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